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Video Tutorial Assembly of the Custos Aeris dew point monitor

This video shows the 3-minute installation of Custos-Aeris for dew point monitoring of protective glazing without cable laying and special prior knowledge. Direct contact: mobile: +49 176 22234430

Custos Aeris with new housing for mounting with nylon cord

  The new enclosure contains a hole for mounting with nylon cords. There are situations where it is not possible to mount the main and air gap modules with the enclosure mounting clips. This situation was often encountered in England. To alleviate this problem, the enclosures have now been modified with a through hole in both modules. This means that they can now be attached with a simple nylon cord: Custos Aeris Air gap module with hole Custos Aeris Air gab module with nylon cord Custos Aeris main module with nylon cord Direct contact: Mobile: +49 176 22234430

Cross-section Assembly of the Custos Aeris modules

Installation instructions for Custos Aeris  Custos Aeris was developed in such a way that installation and mounting of the dew point monitor can be realised quickly and easily. Particularly important here is that no power supply cables and no sensor cables have to be laid. The sensors are integrated in a main module and an air gap module. The built-in rechargeable battery allows the system to run for at least one year and is constantly recharged by sunlight in favourable conditions. Communication takes place via the mobile network, just like with a mobile phone, and the data is stored in the cloud once a day. There, the data can be viewed at any time via a web browser. The following picture shows a cross-section of the structure in a typical situation of protective glazing and historically valuable lead glazing: The main module is clipped into the cover rail towards the interior and the air gap module is located in the space between the protective glazing and the lead glazing and is al