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How can cultural heritage be managed in times of climate change? Conference Bamberg, Germany, Date: February 27th/28th 2023

Long-term measurements of climate in the dome of Xanten and measurements on historic surfaces to predict damage risks on historical windows and mould risk on several historic altars in Xanten Johannes Schubert (cathedral builder Xanten), Rolf Becker (university Rhein-Waal)  and Hans Daams The current and future assessment of the indoor climate in Xanten cathedral and their effect on damages   of historical furnishings requires an extensive measurement strategy throughout the cathedral and on respective objects inside the cathedral. In cooperation with the university of Rhein-Waal this has been done now for more than three years.  This paper is focusing on in-situ measurements of historical surfaces. The valuable stained glass from the Middle Ages and the historical Petrus Altar are selected as examples of measurements and risk assessment. The impact of climate and sun on the protective glazing was measured for a period of 3 years. Data were collected for temperature and